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The EM-Range is an Emtelle designed range of products to provide the full system, quality solution when using our network infrastructure products. Developed in response to customer requirements and challenges faced when completing network rollouts, our range includes the double- and single-layer EM-WRAP, EM-BEND and EM-MARKER.

Key Benefits

  1. 1.

    The EM-Range is all fully tested and compliant to industry standards
  2. 2.

    Designed to work as part of the full solution
  3. 3.

    All accessories tested on compatibility

Why Choose the EM-Range?

  • EM-BEND offers a smooth 90-degree bend
  • EM-BEND can be used as an L-Branch or a T-Branch
  • EM-BEND is stackable into each other for clever stock and transport
  • EM-WRAP is quick and easy to install
  • EM-WRAP offers protection to exposed microducts and tube connectors
  • Double layer EM-WRAP is IP67 certified
  • EM-MARKER allows for easily traced key points or infrastructures.
  • EM-MARKER can also be used as an end cap or with EM-BEND

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