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Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Ridgemount Technologies

Emtelle Announce Exclusive Licensing Agreement with Ridgemount Technologies

Emtelle UK Ltd and Ridgemount Technologies of Bicester, England are pleased to announce  that the companies have signed an agreement for the exclusive supply of blowable fibre optic ferrules to Emtelle for their blown fibre product range.

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qwklinkPlug and play from Emtelle

FTTX World Leaders

The supply and the access to the skills and experience of Ridgemount Technologies, as well as their patented blowable fibre ferrules shall path the future for both companies to become leaders in the supply of pre-terminated fibre bundles around the world in the FTTX market place.

Emtelle have recently released a new popular range of products with the brand names QWKlink and QWKConnect which are Pre Connectorised blowable fibres and pre ducted fibres.

The pre-connectorised fibre cable products have already been keenly trialled and deployed in North America, Europe and Southern Africa, where there is a new emerging market with a high emphasis for fibre optic products to become a less skilled and more user friendly experience during the fibre deployment part of an FTTX network installation.

Worldwide Availability

The knowledge and experience of Ridgemount Technologies, together with the market presence and coverage of Emtelle will make these  pre connectorised fibre cables available to a huge number of FTTX customers around the world.

Emtelle have been working with Ridgemount Technologies for over 10 years where we jointly provided materials and support for the fibre optics solutions supplied into the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer ships. The companies have been working closely ever since.

”Emtelle UK have been working with Ridgemount Technologies on connectorised products for over 10 years and this agreement to supply Blowable fibre optic ferrules gives Emtelle the ability to offer the pre connectorised ferrules to new and existing customers in over 70 countries around the world. In many countries there is a shortage of skilled labour and fibre blowing equipment, so having the ability to supply pre connectorised fibres gives these countries a step change in fibre technology without the high cost of training, splicing & test equipment.”

Colin Kirkpatrick UK & International Business Development,  Emtelle UK Ltd

”Ridgemount Technologies welcome the commitment and investment made by Emtelle in perfecting  a pre-terminated solution for FTTX applications and selecting our ferrule technology for their solutions.  We are convinced that pre-terminated, high performance, factory teminations offer the operator a real advantage in terms of deployment times and costs as well as flexibility in on-going network expansion.”

Chris Peters, Managing Director, Ridgemount Technologies Ltd


For more information on Ridgemount Technologies please visit their website 

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