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Emtelle’s pre-installed fibre solutions in use as fibre optic network deployed by major telecommunication provider

The Hague, Netherlands

Emtelle, the leading global manufacturer of blown fibre, cabling, ducted & pre-connectorised fibre solutions has been selected by VolkerWessels Telecom as key supplier of a range of fibre optic solutions and components for the rollout of a fibre optic network in The Hague.

Earlier this year, a collaboration was formed between VolkerWessels Telecom, T-Mobile and Primevest Capital Partners for the rollout of an open-access FTTH network in the Segbroek district of The Hague. Last June, the partnership started with the rollout of 33,000 residential and business addresses, using Emtelle solutions for the deployment.

During the rollout of the network, VolkerWessels Telecom uses Emtelle’s Multifu pre-installed fibre solution along with various microduct and minicable solutions. The use of Emtelle’s solutions contributes to a fully compatible, futureproof and flexible high-speed FTTH network.

Emtelle’s Multifu ensures that the fibre and microduct bundle is installed in one go due to the fibre unit being pre-installed into the tube during manufacture. This allows for increased rollout speeds and reduced skill requirements. The innovative design of Multifu – pioneered by Emtelle – also enables reduced CAPEX per homes passed and homes connected from day one.

The solutions supplied for this project were manufactured in T-Mobile’s trademark magenta colour for easy brand recognition. By using Emtelle Multifu, the solution design allows VolkerWessels Telecom to build the complete open access network throughout the Segbroek district with the opportunity to connect individual premises to the chosen provider’s connection at a later date, permitting an efficient, futureproof and less-disruptive deployment process.

“Having worked with VolkerWessels Telecom for nearly ten years, as well as our experience cooperating with major telecommunications providers throughout Europe, this project was the perfect assignment for us. We had the opportunity to create a bespoke solution for this optical fibre project in The Hague which offers notable benefits for both the contractor and the end customer,” commented Theun Tukkers, Sales Manager Benelux of Emtelle.

Bastiaan Ruijg, Business Manager at VolkerWessels Telecom added: “Civilians and businesses become increasingly dependent on a stable and reliable digital infrastructure. After all, more and more people and devices are connected. To design, build, manage and maintain such a strong network in The Hague, we combine years of experience with innovative solutions from within our organisation and from external partners like Emtelle. Emtelle has wealth of experience within the FTTX industry with successful support systems in place proving they are an important partner in such fibre projects”.


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