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New Appointment Set to Elevate 'Best-in-Class' Emtelle Ethos

Colin Jardine appointed as Group Continuous Improvement Manager for Emtelle


Emtelle, the leading manufacturer of pre-connectorised, blown fibre cabling and ducted network solutions, announces the appointment of Colin Jardine as Group Continuous Improvement Manager. This appointment is an integral part of the strengthening and development of the company which has placed a renewed focus on continuous improvement and the strive for absolute excellence.

Colin will be responsible for the delivery of process innovation and continuous improvement initiatives across all aspects of the business. In this role Colin will act as an internal consultant on both short and long-term projects by analysing business processes, developing new and innovative strategies to maximise improvement, leading activities, and monitoring progress. Colin will drive forward a culture of continuous improvement across all 4 Emtelle sites (Hawick, Jedburgh, Erfurt and Sonder Felding) and will report directly into the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operations Officer.

This role will be crucial in the development and implementation of a ‘best-in-class’ continuous improvement strategy and building a continuous improvement environment to support an ongoing programme of change. This means Colin will be working closely with all departments across the Emtelle Group to identify areas of improvement and implementing clear processes to achieve maximum yet efficient output.

Colin has proven by his previous responsibilities within Emtelle as Factory Manager at Jedburgh and project lead for ONE Emtelle that he is well equipped for such a role. He has a good understanding of all aspects of the business with good rapport with the wider Emtelle team. His enthusiasm and commitment for excellence will be fundamental in driving the business forward and he undoubtedly has all the skills and attributes to excel in his new role as Group Continuous Improvement Manager.

CEO of Emtelle Tony Rodgers commented “We’re delighted that someone of Colin’s calibre has accepted this position. His invaluable knowledge and experience will be a major boost to our continuous improvement programme which will ultimately benefit the company and our customers”.

Colin has assumed this role with effect from Monday 20th July 2020.

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