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LFH Multifu - An Ideal Indoor Solution

LFH Multifu

Emtelle announce the launch of new Low Fire Hazard Multifu to the FTTH market.

Emtelle Multifu is an innovative tube bundle solution in which the microduct can be accessed at any point along its length via a window cut, then the required fibre length can be pulled back and pushed to each apartment, meaning no blowing is required.

To meet indoor fire regulations, Emtelle have manufactured MULTIFU out of LFH material, meaning it is suitable for use within buildings, and gives excellent performance in a fire scenario – meeting IEC 60332-1. The LFH Multifu product is available in 4, 7, 12, 19 and 24 way tube bundles, and each individual microduct can contain 1-4 fibres which are pre-installed during manufacture. Available fibre types – G652D, G657A1 & G657A2

This product is ideal for use within buildings to supply fibre to apartments in MDU’s (multi-dwelling units). The LFH Multifu can be installed in the MDU riser from the basement and taken directly to each apartment, meaning no splicing or blowing is required between the basement and apartment. Each microduct serves one apartment. This means that the designated microduct can be ringcut outside each apartment, and the fibre can be pulled back, and pushed into a dedicated LFH drop duct into each apartment.

LFH Multifu brings all the same benefits to a project as the Emtelle External Multifu, including:

  • Reduces CAPEX per home connected on Day 1
  • Easy to install, assemble and use the product
  • Reduces skill requirements
  • Minimises installation time
  • Reduces failure rate
  • Increases roll out speed
  • Lowers upgrade and maintenance costs for the life time of the network

This short video shows how simple a process it is to install our external Multifu solution. The new LFH indoor Multifu is installed in the same process, but within the building:

For more information on the new CPR regulations announced on 1 July 2017 please click here

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