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Introducing the Emtelle Nordic Lite Nanocable

Small in Diameter, Strong in Performance

The newly launched, robust yet ultra-thin lightweight  nanocable from Emtelle.

With up to twelve fibres set in an encapsulating layer providing excellent dimensional and thermal stability, Nordic Lite has been developed to withstand Nordic conditions – with an extremely wide temperature range -50 to +70.

The cable is only up to 2.1mm in diameter, but the outer low friction thermoplastic layer on the product ensures a high level of protection and installation properties. The fibres within the cable are dry, with no gel coating used, permitting fast and contamination-free connections.

The characteristics of this new nanocable provides a durable and easy to install product to the FTTH market allowing for it to be easily blown 1500m in under 30minutes. This doesn’t mean it can only be installed by blowing; it has been tested in house, and has proven results when installed by blowing, pushing or pulling into Fibreflow microducts and tube bundles, meaning it gives an easy and time-saving installation, because blowing equipment is not always required.

The slim and durable nanocable from Emtelle achieves safe, high quality, and cost-effective installations within harsh Nordic climates.

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For more information on our Nordic Lite nanocable and it’s suitability to the Nordic region, contact:
Peter Schulte
Sales Director – Sweden, Finland & Baltics
+46 (0)10 475 49 96

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