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Emtelle Multiplies Supply Length of Pre-installed Fibre Solutions

Multifu & Pifu

Emtelle, the leading manufacturer of blown fibre, cabling and ducted solutions, has today announced it has further developed its Pre-Installed Fibre Unit (PIFU) and Multifu Multiple Installed Fibre Unit (Multifu) solutions, allowing for the PIFU to be supplied in 4000 metre lengths and the Multifu in 1500 metre lengths.


A development from its existing solutions, consumers are to expect the same notable benefits that the PIFU and Multifu has always offered, but now with the additional benefit of increased lengths available. Multifu – pioneered by Emtelle – uses an innovative patented design of the fibre unit which is pre-installed into the microduct. This allows for increased rollout speeds and reduced skill sets required for the install. Emtelle pre-installed fibre solutions have proven to be a key solution in FTTx deployments worldwide, with over 50,000km of such solutions deployed globally.

This new advancement of increased supply length further contributes to the extensive list of benefits Emtelle PIFU and Multifu offers. Such advantages include less handling practices and costs; increased lengths on a drum provides the contractor with less drums to dispose of, or return for reuse, whilst reducing transport costs and high-density transport loads due to the reduction in drum quantities.

The PIFU and Multifu also allow for 12 fibre placement in the future, enabling operators to upgrade their network and add in more fibre in the future, as end-users demands evolve and grow.

 “As part of our focus on providing innovative and value-adding solutions, we are continuously looking to improve existing solutions and processes. Our knowledge and experience, combined with our ability to listen to our customers, allow us to create, develop and sustain such solutions like Multifu,” said Colin Kirkpatrick, Solutions Director at Emtelle. “We’re proud to have the capability and intelligence within the Emtelle group to offer our customers even more benefits by making enhancements to our already proven FTTX solutions.

 “Having the newly formed solutions team working on these types of developments with the manufacturing team has opened a vast array of developments; we are not about standing still – we always aim to be at the forefront of these new technologies, and the advancement of our PIFU & Multifu solutions proves this.”

The development comes as Emtelle further enhances its position in the market with its recently introduced Emtelle Solutions Team and the Manufacturing Team at Emtelle. As part of this, the team are continuously working to extend Emtelle’s PIFU and Multifu solutions, with further product enhancements planned for this year.


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