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It's Gimme Fibre Day 2016

It's Gimme Fibre Day 2016

Today, 4th of November 2016, is Gimme Fibre Day.

Fibre Broadband connection is slowly becoming the fourth utility worldwide. Along with running water, gas and electricity, most of us now want, and a select amount are lucky enough to have, fibre to the home because of the benefits fibre brings to all.

FTTH Council have decided to celebrate Gimme Fibre Day on the 4th November, to share  how FTTH is the only future-proof broadband access solution and how it positively impacts individuals and their communities. But why the 4th of November?  Because it is the birthday of Nobel Prize winner Sir Charles Kuen Kao, the man who changed the way the world communicates… by transmitting light in fibre for optical communication. Read more on Gimme Fibre Day & Sir Kao here

Fibre brings benefits not only to the home, but to various sectors worldwide, so for more information on how fibre can be supplied to other sectors, click here. Read our latest article on how fibre is used in rail networks worldwide here.

Here at Emtelle, we understand the need for fibre, and constantly react and innovate to the ever-evolving needs of our technological world as the leading global manufacturer of blown fibre, and couldn’t resist being part of Gimme Fibre Day – listen to our Emtelle staff talk about the benefits of fibre, and why we want fibre on the video below.


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Get involved in the Gimme Fibre Day online by using the hashtag #iwantfibre & #gimmefibre


B4RN Community Projects
North West England, UK
Emtelle supply FibreFlow™ solution to Broadband for the Rural North Ltd to enable remote rural communities to be connected to a fibre optic broadband network.
Blown Fibre Network
Spring Creek Towers
New York, USA
A cost-saving, blown fibre optic network (FON) for Spring Creek Towers – a modern residential community in New York City.
Fibia uses Emtelle MultiFu
Århus, Denmark
Emtelle MultiFu ensures fibre installation in one process. The installer wanted to establish fibre but in a no dig area of the high street, it seemed impossible.
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