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Emtelle is Supplier of Choice for Fibre Network Build in Loosduinen, The Hague

Emtelle fibre optic cabling solutions in use as 25,000 households are due to be connected to a new fibre network in Loosduinen, The Hague

Emtelle have been appointed as a key supplier of a range of fibre optic solutions and components, as part of the collective efforts between T-Mobile Netherlands, Primevest Capital Partners and VolkerWessels Telecom. Together the partners plan to build a new fibre network in the Loosduinen area in the Hague, connecting 25,000 households to a network with speeds of at least 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) – with Emtelle fibre optic solutions in deployment. Preparations for the deployment started in June and construction will begin in August.

This comes as a progression from a previous project in 2019 where the partners connected 32,000 homes in the Segbroek neighbourhood of the Hague with Emtelle pre-installed fibre solutions being deployed to reach the outlined speeds. Whilst both projects are in the city of the Hague, both districts present different housing landscapes. In the Loosduinen district, most residential buildings are high rise apartments meaning Emtelle’s 2-fibre optical cable was the optimum solution for providing efficient and direct access to each home whether it be installed underground, aerially, or internally.

Henk van der Wal, Operations Manager at VolkerWessels Telecom explained why Emtelle was the supplier of choice by commentingWhilst it goes without saying that Emtelle solutions are of premium quality, their support and communication lead the way in terms of allowing networks to not only be reliable and efficient, it allows us to install a fibre optic network seamlessly. Having worked with Emtelle for many years now – including last year’s Segbroek district project – their service and supply provide us with the means of innovative deployment methods, allowing for  fast deployment while causing minimal inconvenience to the surrounding area.”

“We have been working closely with VolkerWessels Telecom for a long period of time creating bespoke solutions to improve their future fibre infrastructure. This project win is a direct result of our established relationship and the clear communication between both companies. It’s a pleasure to work with a contractor that is so ingrained in working with key telecommunication providers and look forward to building on this for years to come”Theun Tukkers, Emtelle added Theun Tukkers, Sales Manager Benelux of Emtelle. 

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Theun Tukkers, Emtelle
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