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Emtelle Robust Fiber Certification

Emtelle Robust Fiber Certification

Emtelle – a global leader in blown fibre and ducted solutions – is proud to announce that Emtelle Sweden has been certified by Robust Fiber.

Robust Fiber, an industry-wide concept designed to provide clear guidance to those who build or procure fibre networks, has regulated Emtelle and their fibre solutions and have certified Emtelle as a robust, and reliable fibre supplier.

Sweden requires fibre networks that are built by quality and robust means, and Swedish-based Robust Fiber wants to aid in providing this. Prior to Robust Fiber there was no established standard for how a network should be placed to be robust and reliable. The Robust Fiber concept, which includes a large number of telecom operators as well as the National Post and Telecom Agency, was created to help those who purchase build or inspect fibre networks.

The concept has developed instructions that are intended to assist in the deployment of fibre. The instructions describe several points; for example, design, placement methods in various landscape conditions, material choices, robust notes, collaborative methods and documentation routines. Now with the introduction of the Robust Fiber concept, there is a standard that is seen as the acceptable level in a fibre infrastructure installation. If all networks were built according to this standard, future maintenance and development would be greatly facilitated, and this unified way of building infrastructure is a way of creating more robust and reliable networks.

Colin Kirkpatrick, European Sales Director, commented on the recent certification:

“It’s fantastic that Emtelle Sweden have been acknowledged by Robust Fiber as a robust and reliable supplier of fibre solutions. With over 25 years’ experience in the fibre industry, and Emtelle fibre having been deployed in Sweden and around the world, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in all things fibre, providing high quality, futureproof and cost-effective solutions to our customers worldwide”

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For more information on one of Emtelle’s more popular products in the Nordic region, see Nordic Lite Nanocable. Small in diameter, yet strong in performance, the robust nanocable operates over a 120°c temperature range providing safe, high quality, and cost-effective installations within harsh weather climates.

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