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Emtelle Group News

Emtelle Group News

Emtelle, a leading global manufacturer of blown fibre and ducted network solutions for the telecommunications industry, today announces that Group Chief Executive Mads A. Høgfeldt is leaving his position at Emtelle after 11 years of operational day-to-day responsibility. Mads will continue as chairman of the board for the Emtelle Group.

It is our great pleasure to announce that Tony Rodgers will take over the role as Group Chief Executive and new head of the Senior Management Team for Emtelle. For the last 4,5 years Tony has been Group CFO of the Emtelle group and knows the company better than most. Tony has proved himself to be a hard worker with a solid financial background giving him extraordinary strengths as a skilled negotiator and intelligent business overview. The remaining Senior Management team will remain unchanged.

Following the last 5 years of high growth, the Board of Directors engaged Rothschild in 2017 to make a full strategic review of the business and to advise on the strategic options ahead for the Emtelle Group. The shareholders wanted to understand market outlook, future challenges and see whether Emtelle was fit for purpose in structure and in ownership. This work included a comprehensive market research for our industry including an analysis on how the future industry trends could affect our business.

Based on the conclusions from this work, the shareholders who founded Emtelle more than 30 years ago, have decided to take full ownership of the Emtelle Group. Further they have confirmed their continued relentless support in this proposed journey ahead.

Tony Rodgers will face the exciting job of securing Emtelle´s continued growth in a larger – but also a more concentrated and volatile market where the demands for new technologies, new services and continued cost reductions are main topics to be addressed in the future.

This handover comes as part of a greater strategic plan for Emtelle as such it is not expected to affect the day-to-day business of the Group.

Mads A Høgfeldt:  “I believe Emtelle is perfectly positioned and poised to embark on the next leg of its journey. We have just had our best years ever. We have completed our 30 million euros investment programme in our factories in a growing market and we have a very solid Senior Management Team in place to lead the best staff through the next phases and challenges ahead. Now is the time to make room for new leadership to secure Emtelle´s continued success.  It’s been a great privilege working with my colleagues, customers and suppliers throughout the years: what a wild ride it has been!” I look forward to continue the cooperation in my new role

Tony Rodgers says: “I am humbled and delighted to be taking over the management of Emtelle at such an exciting time in its evolution.  I am also privileged to have been selected to lead and support the industry’s most capable and experienced management team, over the coming years”.


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Sept 28th, 2018

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