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Emtelle Hold First Ever Emtelle Eastern European Partner Conference

Working Together Is Key

At Emtelle, we work very closely with our partners across the globe, offering up-to-date product knowledge and technical support, to ensure success in all regions.

We have multiple partners in the Eastern European market, and with a lot of new technologies being launched, holding a conference where all partners would attend, network, and learn, proved a great opportunity. It only seemed right for our first conference to be held in Weimar, the cultural capital of Germany, only a short drive away from our brand-new manufacturing plant in Erfurt.

During the event, all partners were awarded an Emtelle Approved Partner Certificate, and our Austrian partner, NT&IT was presented with our Emtelle Partner of the Year Award, from our Eastern European Sales Director, Hans Werner Wilk. Hans was a great host to all throughout the day conference generating some great discussions throughout the day conference, and arranging fantastic evening entertainment – a walking tour round Weimar, and then some traditional German cuisine in the evening.

The event overall was a great platform to:

  • Introduce our partners to our technical expert, Mark Graham, and showcase our new easy-to-use cost-effective technologies
  • Introduce our partners to our European Business Development Director, Colin Kirkpatrick, hear more on the status of Emtelle, and the company’s plans for 2018
  • Award our partners with our approved Emtelle partner certificates, and present our “Emtelle EE Sales Partner of the Year” Award
  • Learn more about our partner companies and the countries FTTX rollouts they operate in
  • Network and build successful working relationships
  • Visit our new factory in Erfurt – Emtelle GmbH – to see how Emtelle are investing in their manufacturing facilities to cope with European fibre demand


The event was well received by all parties involved. From our partners point of view, it was great to meet the whole Emtelle team, and learn first-hand more on our new innovative products including our pre-connectorised solutions like QWKconnect, which is currently proving popular for FTTH roll-outs in the UK. It was also great to hear direct from Emtelle management on the company strategy and targets for 2018, and how Emtelle are currently investing over €30million euro in our manufacturing plants enabling us to cope with ever-increasing fibre demand and the arising global fibre shortage.

From Emtelle, it proved beneficial to learn more about how our partners plan to grow in the next year, and how Emtelle and the partners can build on an already strong relationship, to increase sales and service for the coming year.

The Partner Conference was such a success that it was agreed this will be a regular occurrence in the Emtelle calendar. Emtelle would like to thank all who attended the event – it was a pleasure to welcome you all to the Emtelle family and look forward to welcoming you to next years conference!



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