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Emtelle delivers its worldclass fibre solution to the new Edinburgh-Tweedbank rail

Emtelle delivers its worldclass fibre solution to the new Edinburgh-Tweedbank rail

Emtelle delivers trackside fibre to Edinburgh-tweedbank Rail – Borders based company delivers trackside blown fibre to provide signalling and communication systems for the new Borders Railway from Edinburgh to Tweedbank.

When Her Majesty The Queen officially opens the new line on Wednesday 9th September it will mark nearly five decades without train services in the area. The return of the train line will provide opportunities for the area – as it is expected to carry almost 650,000 passengers annually. Emtelle is delighted to have provided the trackside blown fibre solution for the communication systems and signalling.

Borders company delivers fibre to edinburg-tweedbank line

Due to the engineering and economic challenges of building a new railway in modern times, Emtelle engaged and worked with Network Rail Scotland to design and deliver an innovative fibre optic network for deployment trackside using automated trenching technologies.

“At Emtelle we are delighted to have been chosen for this prestigous local project, which included all elements of Emtelle supply including fibre cables, multitube assemblies, and associated connectivity. Normally our projects are worldwide, but it is great to see the products used in our local area. We are excited about the new trainline to the area and the opportunities it will bring”  Simon Wade Sales Manager Fttx/Rail Emtelle UK & Ireland.

The fibre optic network for trackside signalling and control is flexible, upgradeable and cost effective having been specially adapted for deployment by trenching technologies.

Emtelle delivers Blown fibre solutions worldwide, but this one literally runs in their backyard.

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Facts about Emtelle:

With 800 employees worldwide and factories in Hawick and Jedburgh (as well as India and Denmark)

Emtelle is the largest supplier of blown fibre solutions and with more than 30 years of experience

Microduct installation
Emtelle provided thousands of kilometres of its FibreFlow™ Microduct solution to the transalpine Swiss Railway Gotthard Base Tunnel.
Kuala Lumpur Monorail
FibreFlow Blown Fibre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Emtelle’s FibreFlow blown fibre solution was chosen to provide the fibre optic backbone network system for use with the SCADA, CCTV and communications systems for the Kuala Lumpur monorail in Malaysia.
Blown Fibre in Ports
FibreFlow Blown Fibre
Hueneme, Long Beach, Oakland and San Diego, USA
When the ports of Hueneme, Long Beach, Oakland and San Diego had the requirement for a quick, secure and reliable transmission of highly sensitive, mission-critical data, they chose the Emtelle FibreFlowTM blown fibre solution.
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