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Emtelle announce withdrawal from lawsuit against Hexatronic in New Zealand

Emtelle announce withdrawal from lawsuit against Hexatronic in New Zealand

Emtelle, a leading global manufacturer of blown fibre and ducted network solutions for the telecommunications industry, today announces that it has decided to discontinue their ongoing New Zealand lawsuit against Hexatronic. The lawsuit regarding an infringement by Hexatronic New Zealand Limited and Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems AB in New Zealand relating to air-blown fibre was initially communicated on July 8 2016. Emtelle has decided upon this withdrawal in order to focus business efforts in areas of greatest commercial benefit to the company such as the UK and other profitable regions across the globe.

Tony Rodgers, Chief Financial Officer of Emtelle, Group commented on the lawsuit discontinuation in New Zealand “Our job is always to prioritize and reassess what the business needs and right now it makes more sense for us to focus on enforcing our intellectual property rights in the most commercially advantageous geographical areas”.

Emtelle will continue to advance with proceedings for patent infringement in the UK High Court against (1) Hexatronic UK Limited, (2) Hexatronic Cable & Interconnect Systems AB and (3) Hexatronic AB (“Hexatronic”) regarding claims that Hexatronic’s air blown fibre products, including Ribbonet air blown fibre, ABF Ultra and Stingray, infringe Emtelle’s UK patents GB2409908 and GB2409909 (“the Patents”), covering signal transmitting cable.

Emtelle is a leading company at the forefront of innovation in blown fibre and ducted solutions. It has invested heavily in product development over many years to bring innovation and whole life cost savings to its customers in the Telecoms industry.

Emtelle, with its Headquarters in Hawick, Scotland, and its four manufacturing plants across the UK, Denmark and Germany, is a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of blown fibre and ducted solutions since its inception in 1981. Emtelle has assisted many of the key players with FTTH roll-outs in around 100 countries around the world over the 37 years it has been operating. Its emphasis is on listening to customer requirements and designing innovative and unique products and solutions to meet the needs of customers FTTH projects.  At the same time, it focuses on creating best value, reducing total project costs and minimizing installation time and disruption.  Emtelle’s recent investment of more than €30 million in its European factory plants underpins this commitment.


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