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Dan Graff, NABFS

Dan Graff, NABFS
It is with great sadness that I am writing to you today to let you know that Dan Graff has died peacefully in his sleep at home in Phoenix. Dan had no obvious illness or warning signs with his health prior to his sudden death at the age of only 60 years old. Dan’s death is clearly a shock to all of his family, friends and colleagues and our thoughts and best wishes go out to his loved ones.
Dan has been involved in helping to establish Emtelle in the US for over 15 years, winning a number of high profile, technically challenging and prestigious projects. In the last few years, Dan has been running his own company NABFS as a value added reseller for Emtelle.
I have been in regular contact with Dan’s sister, Bobbi, and on behalf of Dan and his family, she asked me to help to ensure that all of Dan’s colleagues and customers are aware of the situation and have someone to contact.
If you have any outstanding actions, information requests or further enquiries then please contact us using the following contact information:
Job Title
Telephone Numbers
Email address
Steven King
Chief Commercial Officer
+44 1 7836 681394
+44 1 1450 364014
Colin Kirkpatrick
Regional Sales Director- Central Projects
+44 1 7810 378854
+44 1 450 364077
Remco Sijmons
Project Manager-Central Projects
+44 1 7515 974580
+44 1 450 364047
Tracy Hurley
Internal Sales Manager
+44 1 450 364016
Sarah Hall
Internal Sales
+44 1 450 364019


Best regards,
Steven King
Chief Commercial Officer
Emtelle Group
United Kingdom
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