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Tax Strategy

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Tax strategy


The Tax Strategy is published in compliance with the requirements of Part 2 Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016.

The objective of the tax strategy is to communicate the policy for the management of both direct and indirect taxes within Emtelle Group (the Group). This applies to all Group companies, including all UK companies, for the year ended 31 December 2023. This will be reviewed annually and revised as appropriate to reflect any material changes in our business or applicable tax legislation.

Tax strategy

The Group’s tax strategy is to ensure:

  • The correct amount of tax in the correct jurisdiction is paid in a timely manner;
    Use of legitimate tax incentives, exemptions and statutory alternatives offered by tax authorities are made to maximise tax efficiencies;
  • Develop and maintain relationships with tax authorities in all jurisdictions where we operate, that are carried out with integrity and respect in order to maintain an effective, collaborative and cooperative working relationship;
  • Compliance with all tax obligations by maintaining appropriate tax management arrangements;
  • Compliance and adherence with all local tax disclosure requirements.

The tax strategy applies to all taxes and globally to all countries in which the Group operates.


Our approach to tax governance

Responsibility for managing tax risk and the Group’s tax affairs ultimately rests with the Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO), as Senior Accounting Officer (SAO), with oversight from the Board of Directors.

Day to day responsibility for the implementation of the tax strategy and for ensuring that the necessary policies and procedures are in place is delegated to the Group Financial Controller and the Finance Director/ Head of Finance in each country. Advisory and technical support is sought and provided by reputable accounting firm to ensure that the Group fully understands all tax obligations and the impact of any legislative changes.


Our approach to tax risk management

The Group operates in a global environment, which brings a variety of tax obligations across different jurisdictions, together with the requirement to interpret complex and evolving tax legislation. Tax is to be controlled within the normal business activity and considered as a component of any business decision. The Group seeks to structure tax affairs in a way that carries a low degree of risk.

Given the complex, uncertain and often volatile nature of the tax environments in which we operate, strong local compliance and governance are key.

The risk that the application of management’s judgement and estimate in tax forecasting fails to represent a true and fair view of the Group’s tax position is an area that receives focus from management, tax advisers and external auditor.


The level of risk in relation to taxation that we are prepared to accept

The Group’s approach to tax is based on delivering value to shareholders whilst minimising uncertainty and risk on the tax positions adopted. Where tax law is unclear or subject to interpretation, professional advice or confirmation on the approach from HMRC (or the relevant tax authorities) will be sought as appropriate to ensure, so far as possible, that the outcome is in line with the tax position adopted by the Group.


Attitude towards tax planning
When entering into commercial transactions, the Group may take advantage of available tax
incentives, reliefs and exemptions in line with, and in the spirit of, tax legislation. The Group will not implement any tax planning where the sole objective is to deliver tax benefit and which is not driven by commercial outcomes.

Where there is any uncertainty as to the application of legislation or availability of reliefs or where
the matter is particularly complex, the Group will seek external tax advice to confirm the applicability or complexities of a particular matter.


Approach towards dealing with tax authorities

In line with the Group’s values our interactions with HMRC (or the relevant tax authorities) will be carried out with integrity and respect in order to maintain an effective, collaborative and co-operative working relationship. The Group proactively engages, either directly or through our advisers, when required to ensure that our business and tax positions are well understood and that tax positions are confirmed in a timely manner.


Kerry Anderson
Chief Financial Officer
December 2023

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