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B4RN Show-Tell Day #11

B4RN Show-Tell Day #11

It’s time for another #B4RN Show-Tell day. These now legendary events are an opportunity to meet up with like minded folk, to learn and share the knowledge of rural broadband deployment. These are great events for communities who want to learn how deploy a community based world class broadband network. They are free to attend thanks to our sponsors.



The date for the eleventh Show-Tell day is set for the Tuesday 4th April 2017. These events have been extremely popular and have allowed valuable information to be shared. The day includes field visits to see various aspects of the B4RN community fibre broadband deployment.

The event, as before will be jointly hosted by B4RN and Emtelle in Lancaster and the surrounding B4RN area. The day will focus on sharing experiences and demonstrating installation techniques for rural fibre to the home/broadband initiatives.
Topics to be covered include:-

  • Customer Engagement
  • Product Selection
  • Network Planning
  • Content
  • Active Equipment
  • Hands on demonstrations
  • Field trip
  • Meeting volunteers

We hope you will be able to join us for a fully interactive day! It is advised that due to the locations visited on the field trip that delegates bring suitable clothing such as a raincoat and walking boots or wellies!

Please register for attendance by emailing or clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Please use the same address for any other enquiries in connection with the event.

The Twitter hash tag for the event is #FTTHshowTell

For anyone who has not attended one of these events, an excellent write up was provided by Vicki Turk, UK Editor of Motherboard and can be seen here. There are also several photos from the event on the B4RN Facebook page.

Have a read of our overview from a previous B4RN Show-Tell day here.

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