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When it comes to experience, production volume, and innovation, the Emtelle Group is the industry leader in plastic tubing for telecommunications and water piping. As the first high-volume producer in the world of blown fibre tubing, Emtelle’s expertise is unrivalled. With over 30 years of history as a supplier has shaped the high quality of our product, as well as helped us to develop the most comprehensive and proactive customer service program possible. In total, the Emtelle Group has supplied approximately 1 million kilometres of blown fibre tubing infrastructure in the UK and 2 million kilometres of utility tubing for energy companies in Scandinavia.

Emtelle Group Experience

Emtelle Group’s high volume projects include ITS projects in the UK and Australia, high rises in Dubai, ports in the USA, the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland, the Olympic stadium in London, and the Kuala Lumpur monorail in Malaysia.

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