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Emtelle RTRYVA Surpasses 1000km of Sales

Emtelle RTRYVA Surpasses 1000km of Sales

Emtelle are pleased to announce that we have expect to surpassed sales over 1000km of our RTRYVA product range. The RTRYVA product was officially launched at the FTTH conference in Luxembourg in February 2016 and the interest generated from the launch and subsequent press releases has driven significant demand for the product range.

RTRYVA has now developed from a single 15mm duct with 12 or 24 x 2 fibre bundles to a product range that extends upto 25mm in diameter with upto 48 different fibre bundles that have fibre counts of 2,4,6,8 or 12 fibres per bundle.

Emtelle have since developed our EMU box for branching the drop fibres to homes and businesses which has been certified to comply to IP68 rating.

Within the RTRYVA duct, multiple loose fibers are installed during manufacture to give a very flexible FTTX solution where duct access & branching from the RTRYVA is quick and easy and uses the minimal amount of tools, training and installation equipment. Fibers are accessed, excess fiber is pulled back out of the duct, then branched to the home / business through a dedicated drop duct. Fiber installation to inside the home / business is carried out by pushing or pulling.

Emtelle RTRYVA is a High Density Pull back cable specifically designed for FTTX that offers space, product and installation cost savings of >€80 / home or business for Brown Field applications due to the fact that its density of fiber can accommodate 96 drops from a single Ø15mm duct. When planning a new build (Green Field) build, if planned before Civils / digging, then additional savings of €60 / home or business on access chamber costs can be achieved giving total cost savings of €140 / home or business.

Emtelle pride ourselves in innovating and delivering best in class products to our clients and the RTRYVA product range has surpassed our sales expectations since launch. We look forward to further growth in the coming years and look forward to developing an even wider range of products to suit many different global applications for FTTX.

For more information on RTRYVA view our brochure here

Here’s a quick clip to show how easy RTRYVA is to install:

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