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FibreFlow Blown and Pulled Fibre Solutions


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The world leader in blown fibre technology

With its passive infrastructure system, Emtelle is the world leader in blown fibre technology. Reputable references are available from Singapore to Australia, Sweden to Greece, Mexico to the USA.

Directly or indirectly present in all important ‘Fibre-to-the-X’ markets worldwide, Emtelle produces a very small, lightweight, extremely robust passive infrastructure system based on microducts (starting at 3 mm), into which Emtelle produced fibre units from 2-12 fibres are later blown. Emtelle also produces blowing equipment and accessories, and offers extensive training in both installation & maintenance and design & engineering.

Blown Fibre

Emtelle’s FibreFlow blown fibre solution incorporates microduct sizes from 3mm up to 25mm with microduct counts from 1-32, and a range of fibre bundles and cables from 1 fibre up to 432 fibres, which can be blown into Emtelle microducts.

Emtelle is the market leader in providing passive solutions for all fibre projects – from ships to oil pipelines and everything in between. Our vast product range, strong industry experience and in-depth skills provide an unrivalled end-to-end passive solution.

Pulled Fibre

Emtelle’s pulled fibre solution (Dataflow) is a solution that comprises a bespoke range of microducts with pre-installed pulling cords. These are primarily used for installing fibre bundles up to 36 fibres. The pulled fibre system is mainly used for FTTH applications in buildings where no blowing equipment is required, or datacentre solutions where fibres can be pulled from cabinet to cabinet without the need to open floors (after tube bundles have been installed). This solution gives full flexibility for fibre placement, repairs and upgrades at any time – day or night.

FibreFlow Blown and Pulled Fibre Solutions Applications
FTTc Solutions
Emtelle is an industry leader in the access part of fibre-based networks for small and large diameter FTTc solutions.
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FTTh Solutions
Emtelle's FTTh solution reduces both installation and ongoing costs – ducts and tube bundles can be laid in preparation for fibre, which is blown into the ducts to supply service only when needed.
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In Building Solutions
From SMEs and blue chip corporations to the public sector and education, Emtelle's in building solutions provide the products and accessories for building a reliable, high speed, in building data connectivity.
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Voice and Broadband Solutions
Emtelle's FibreFlowTM range of blown fibre products reduce both installation costs and on-going expenses for high-speed voice and broadband solutions.
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Optimised Traffic Management
Emtelle’s FibreFlow solution is the perfect solution for the optimised traffic management for transport networks.
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Vehicle Identification Solutions
Emtelle is a leading manufacturer in the supply of fibre products and ducting systems for the use in safety and vehicle identification systems.
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Remote Monitoring Solutions
Emtelle’s FibreFlow technology is ideal for use in remote monitoring solutions – offering reliable, high-speed data transfer whilst reducing installation costs and ongoing expenses.
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Security and CCTV Solutions
Emtelle’s FibreFlow product range is ideal for security and cctv solutions as it is secure, interference resistant, scalable for long term growth, and cheaper to install & maintain.
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FibreFlow Installation
Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand
Emtelle's FibreFlow solution chosen for EA Network's ambitious AUS$70 million plus development of a high-speed fibre optic network in New Zealand.
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