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Leading supplier of PVC telecoms ducting

Emtelle’s innovative and widely used PVC telecoms ducting and duct systems are available for a variety of telecoms and ITS applications.

Emtelle’s background is in the field of extrusion, in which we are the leading innovator. Our duct system includes a comprehensive range of bends, connectors, adaptors, access fittings, chambers, and ancillary items – allowing customers to source a full range of products from a single, reputable source.

Emtelle manufactures PVC telecoms ducting in grey, green and white with ITS ducting available in purple (England & Wales) and black (Scotland). Our PVC primary ducts are available in a wide range of sizes including bespoke requirements and are manufactured to industry standard BSEN61386. Our PE ducts and sub ducts are also available in a wide range of sizes with the option of being pre-cabled or pre-roped.

Key Products
PVC Duct
• 53.9mm / 96.5mm / 110mm
• Colours: Orange, green, grey, dark grey, white & purple
• Manufactured from virgin PVC-U polymer
• 100% reliable performance
• Duct systems are manufactured to Industry Standard BSEN 61386

Sub Duct Microduct
• Rapid deployment technique
• Reduces overall network construction and activation cost
• Bespoke requirements can be accommodated
• Cable blowable
• Cable installation utilizing the pre-installed pulling rope
• Provides a dedicated cable path
• Reduces the risk of damage to fibre optic cables

PE Coils
• Colours: Orange, Black & Purple
• Manufactured to industry standard BS61386
• Compression class of 450N

PVC Duct Bends
• Manufactured from a solid wall duct and provide the means to change direction and/or depth on a ducted network
• Not manufactured to any specific performance standards
• Recommended to be surrounded in concrete
• All bends come with a parallel socket joint, with the opposing end being a plain spigot
• Designed to work with EF450-016 PVC Duct (General Purpose), and should only ever be used with this duct
Microduct installation
Emtelle provided thousands of kilometres of its FibreFlow™ Microduct solution to the transalpine Swiss Railway Gotthard Base Tunnel.
FibreFlow Installation
Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand
Emtelle's FibreFlow solution chosen for EA Network's ambitious AUS$70 million plus development of a high-speed fibre optic network in New Zealand.
Kuala Lumpur Monorail
FibreFlow Blown Fibre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Emtelle’s FibreFlow blown fibre solution was chosen to provide the fibre optic backbone network system for use with the SCADA, CCTV and communications systems for the Kuala Lumpur monorail in Malaysia.
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