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Security and CCTV Solutions


Industry leading supplier of fibre for security and CCTV solutions

Security, and specifically CCTV, is a critical element of any modern transportation networks. Such technology relies heavily on high speed, reliable, scalable and secure fibre optic solutions. Emtelle is a market leader in the provision of fibre products for security and CCTV solutions.

In security and CCTV solutions, Emtelle’s FibreFlow solution offers a range of benefits, whether it is used as a total transmission solution or just the backbone. In addition to being cheaper to install & maintain and being scalable for ling term growth, FibreFlow is lightweight, offers better quality transmission, is stable within a wide temperature range, offers an extremely high bandwidth and has a long service life. Critically for security and CCTV solutions, FibreFlow is secure (it isn’t easily tapped into or interfered with) and is resistant to interference from a range of potential sources, including fluorescent lighting, card-access doors, outdoor lighting systems, lightning strikes, short circuits and crosstalk, EMU or RFI.

Key Products
PVC Duct
• 53.9mm / 96.5mm / 110mm
• Colours: Orange, green, grey, dark grey, white & purple
• Manufactured from virgin PVC-U polymer
• 100% reliable performance
• Duct systems are manufactured to Industry Standard BSEN 61386

Large Diameter Solid Wall PE Duct
• Light, durable yet flexible cable protection system
• Can be joined using butt fusion welding, electrofusion couplers and mechanical fittings/connectors
• Sizes from 75mm up to 250mm Outside Diameter, in SDR11 or SDR17 versions.

PE Coils
• Colours: Orange, Black & Purple
• Manufactured to industry standard BS61386
• Compression class of 450N

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