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Remote Monitoring Solutions


Leading supplier of products for Remote Monitoring Solutions

Intelligent Transportation Systems – Any modern transportation infrastructure relies on the implementation of technology and communication that allows for a safer, better coordinated and smarter travel.

The ability to detect incidents, accidents, failures and congestion, and respond proactively greatly reduces travel time and increases the safety of users – operators can respond accordingly, and provide users with up-to-the-minute information about delays, accidents, detours and journey planning.

The equipment used in ITS includes emergency ‘phones, CCTV cameras, vehicle detection systems and variable messaging signs. These technologies all require reliable, high-speed information transfer. Such equipment can spot issues, optimise the transport network, minimise the risk of further incidents and help reduce congestion. The effects on peoples’ lives and on the environment are clear – people reach their destination safely and as quickly as possible, whilst emissions are reduced.

Emtelle’s FibreFlow technology is ideal for use in remote monitoring solutions – offering reliable, high-speed data transfer whilst reducing installation costs and ongoing expenses.

Key Products
PVC Duct
• 53.9mm / 96.5mm / 110mm
• Colours: Orange, green, grey, dark grey, white & purple
• Manufactured from virgin PVC-U polymer
• 100% reliable performance
• Duct systems are manufactured to Industry Standard BSEN 61386

Large Diameter Solid Wall PE Duct
• Light, durable yet flexible cable protection system
• Can be joined using butt fusion welding, electrofusion couplers and mechanical fittings/connectors
• Sizes from 75mm up to 250mm Outside Diameter, in SDR11 or SDR17 versions.

Sub Duct Microduct
• Rapid deployment technique
• Reduces overall network construction and activation cost
• Bespoke requirements can be accommodated
• Cable blowable
• Cable installation utilizing the pre-installed pulling rope
• Provides a dedicated cable path
• Reduces the risk of damage to fibre optic cables

Access Chambers
• Preformed access chambers
• Offers fast tract construction methods
• Single site visit
• No need for concrete backfill
• Stakkabox & Stakkabox QUAD (B125 rated)
• Stakkabox Fortress
• Wedge boxes

Fibre Cable
• Range of micro and mini cable products
• Work in conjunction with Emtelle’s low-friction tube bundles for optimum blowing performance
• For high fibre counts, a range of fully water blocked mini cable products with FRP Central strength member (12f-216f) is available

PE Coils
• Colours: Orange, Black & Purple
• Manufactured to industry standard BS61386
• Compression class of 450N

110mm Purple Ring seal Duct
• 110mm diameter
• Full BBA approval
• Tested and approved for use of motorway constructions in the UK
• Colour: Purple

4 way duct spacer & Ringseal Duct
• 4 way Opticom duct
• 6.6m length
• Full BBA approval
• Tested and approved for use of motorway constructions in the UK
• Colour: Purple

Ancillary Products
• Duct Spacers (4 way and 8 way)
• Emtelle Motorway Communications Duct Seal
• Rope (Blue 5kn)
• Rope (Orange 8kn)
• Marker Tape
• Duct Lubricant
• Cleaning Brushes and Proving Mandrels
• Rope Blowing Guns

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