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FTTh Solutions


Marketing leading FTTh solutions

High speed broadband has joined running water, gas and electricity as a necessity in housing developments – it has become the fourth utility.

Applications delivered by FTTh solutions using high speed broadband such as video-on-demand, high definition TV, gaming, home security, telecommuting, movie downloads, video-conferencing, sophisticated telephone service and more are all now in high demand – mainly fuelled by the advent and adoption of optical fibre.

Our FTTh solution reduces both installation and ongoing costs – ducts and tube bundles can be laid in preparation for fibre, which is blown into the ducts to supply service only when needed.

Key Products
Pre-Installed Microcable FU
• Large variety of protected microducts pre-installed with various Microcable FY
• With or without low friction sheath
• Lengths of 1000m or 2000m

Customer Lead In Point
• Can be readily fixed to walls
• Manufactured from UV-resistant materal
• Can accommodate both 3mm & 5mm 1 way DB
• Transition point between internal and external FibreFlow
• Long-term bend protection
• Easy to install and use
• IP55 rated

Blown Fibre Micro & Mini Cable
• Designed to work in conjunction with Emtelle’s low-friction tube bundles
• Available as fully water blocked with an FRP central strength member
• Various sizes available

Gas Block Connectors
• Internal seal
• Open to permit blowing, closed to seal contacts and prevent gas flow
• Microduct size from 3mm to 14mm

DBmf Heavy Wall Microduct Bundles
• Simplicity and strength
• Exceptional toughness and crush resistance
• Can be directly buried without additional protective closures
• Easy to use
• Quick to install

Protected Connectors
• Standard microduct protector pre-fitted with a removable outer shell
• Enhanced protection over an unprotected connector
• Also fit over equivalent sized end caps

Incredibly flexible retractable duct system in which fibre can be accessed at any point along its length
• 4-8 times more fibre drops can be made from an existing 32mm, or 1¼ HDPE duct compared to traditional cables
• Fibre tubes (within the RTRYVA) can vary from 2-12 fibres per tube
• A mix of fibre counts is available for your specific requirements
• High speed installation and connectivity with no specialist training
• No blowing equipment required
• GRP strength members to offer additional strength and longevity
• A simple to install drop closure to the home (4 drops per closure)
• Drop tubes can have pre-installed draw string to aid fibre installation to the home
• Massively reduced capex for installation equipment
• Cost (and space) effective compared to similar products in the market
Pre-connectorised microduct system
A duct that can be installed underground (direct buried and
ducted), along walls or even overhead, including wifi antennas
• Fibre pre-installed can be connectorised at one end or both ends
• SC and LC APC connector options available
• No blowing or fibre splicing required for the customer drop
• Extremely small storage area for excess fibre
• Reduced skill set & training required for the install
• Massively reduced capex for installation equipment
• Cost (and space) effective compared to similar products in the market
Tube bundle with 7,12, 19 or 24 X 4/2.1mm Microducts
• 1, 2, 3 or 4 Fibres Pre-Installed into each Microduct (2d, A1 & A2 Fibre)
• Emtelle can partially fi ll or fully fi ll the tube bundle with fi bres
• 500M or 800M supply lengths
• No blowing required, only Pull & Push
• Still has a dedicated pathway to each home
• Easy to repair, upgrade and connect

DNU Hospital
FibreFlow Blown Fibre
“The New University Hospital” – commonly known as “DNU” which when completed in 2019 will treat approximately 1 million patients annually.
FibreFlow Installation
Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand
Emtelle's FibreFlow solution chosen for EA Network's ambitious AUS$70 million plus development of a high-speed fibre optic network in New Zealand.
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