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Drinking Water


Leading supplier of drinking water pipes made from polyethylene (PE)

Emtelle is an industry-leading supplier of drinking water pipes made from polyethylene (PE) in Scandinavia.

In addition to our polyethylene (PE) drinking water pipes, we also manufacture pipes for wastewater, chemicals and rainwater drainage. We offer an extensive range of PE pipes in various diameters, allowing unlimited installation flexibility.

Our drinking water pipes are:

  • Lightweight for ease of transportation
  • Flexible and can withstand subsidence
  • Incredibly strong and durable – and can be used for drilling and relining
  • Easy to weld
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Are manufactured with a smooth surface allowing limited pressure drop
Key Products
PE80 PEM Blue Coils
• Manufactured to Industry Standard EN12201
• Short and flexible lead time
• Colour: blue for drinking water

Combi PE/RC Hightech Blue
• Our latest addition to our pressure pipes
• Innovative solution combining the best of PE with RC Environmental
• Absorbs outside pressure, making it possible to reuse the soil to cover the pipes again
• Extremely durable and can take the handling from transportation and assembly
• Short leadtime
• Colour: Blue for drinking water applications

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