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PowerProtect+ underground power duct systems for the power sector

PowerProtect+ is our comprehensive, easy to install, high performance duct systems and accessories for underground power duct requirements.

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PowerProtect+ underground power duct systems for the power sector

All our PowerProtect+ underground power duct systems are designed and manufactured to meet industry standard ENATS 12-24, and are available in a range of sizes, and different socket types suitable for all power cable applications. PowerProtect+ has been developed with the total system cost in mind, and the installed ducts are re-useable when cables are repaired or replaced, extending product lifespan and reducing unnecessary disruptions. Demonstrating our position as a market leader, PowerProtect+ duct systems are now specified and used by all major distribution network operators within the UK and Ireland, including: UKPN, ENWL, NPG, SPEN, S&SE, WPD, NIE and ESB Ireland.

Emtelle DNA

As part of what we call the Emtelle DNA, we are committed to providing excellence in everything we do, particularly our customer service. Our experts actively engage with our customers at every stage, from design to cable placement, carefully checking product requirements and providing technical advice. We also offer comprehensive product training and a step-by-step installation guides.

Power Applications
National Grid
Emtelle is the UK market leader in the supply of HV & EHV ducted systems and transmission solutions for the National Grid, with its PowerProtect+ duct system solution.
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Distribution Network Operators
PowerProtect+ duct systems and accessories for Distribution Network Operators (DNOs)
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Independent Distribution Network Operators
Emtelle is an industry leader in the provision of duct systems for many high-profile Independent Distribution Network Operators within the power sector.
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Emtelle is the UK market leader for the supply of ducted network solutions for renewables and renewable energy.
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uPVC Ducts
Lincolnshire, England
When Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) built England’s largest onshore wind farm, they chose Emtelle to deliver bespoke uPVC ducts to house the cables.
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