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Emtelle and the Highway Sector

It is critical that modern highway infrastructures are underpinned by high speed, scalable and flexible communication systems.

These communication systems help reduce journey times, increase user safety, reduce disruption, eliminate accidents, and aid in the smooth running of the road network.

Emtelle’s high-speed fibre solutions for highways carry data between remote locations and control centres, generating major benefits for rail operators and engineers and the travelling public.

Our experience speaks for itself – we have completed highway projects worldwide, such as the Perth Bunbury Highway in Australia and the M8 motorway in Scotland.

“We work closely with our partners and clients to develop flexible, scalable, customer-centred ITS solutions.”

The financial benefits of our passive fibre optic network solutions for highway are impressive – reduced installation costs, lower ongoing operating expenses, and optimal total cost-of-ownership. This creates long lasting value for investors and stakeholders.

Emtelle DNA

As part of what we call the Emtelle DNA, we are committed to providing excellence in everything we do, particularly our customer service. Our experts actively engage with our customers at every stage, from design to cable placement, carefully checking product requirements and providing technical advice. We also offer comprehensive product training and a step-by-step installation guides.

Highway Applications
Optimised Traffic Management for Highway
Emtelle’s range of FibreFlow blown fibre solutions offer the perfect solution for the type of reliable, high-speed network required for optimised traffic management for highway.
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Voice and broadband for Highway
Our FibreFlowTM blown fibre solution reduced both installation costs and on-going expenses for high-speed voice and broadband.
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Vehicle Identification Systems for Highway
Emtelle is a leading manufacturer in the supply of fibre products and ducting systems for the use in safety – vehicle identification systems for highway.
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Remote Monitoring for Highway
Emtelle’s FibreFlow solution is ideal for use in remote monitoring systems for highways, reducing installation costs and ongoing expenses.
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Security and CCTV for Highway
Emtelle is a leading manufacturer in the supply of fibre products and ducting systems for the use in security and CCTV for highway.
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M8 Fibre Tube Bundles
Tube Bundles for Mole Ploughing
M8 Motorway, Scotland
Emtelle developed a blown fibre based tube bundle that could be mole ploughed into the ground for the M8 Motorway in Scotland.
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