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In building


Market leading in building solutions

Communication is a critical part of the workplace. From SMEs and blue chip corporations to the public sector and education, reliable, high speed, in building data is a necessity.

Wherever people work together, they need to communicate quickly and effectively. Maximising the potential of ever more sophisticated digital technology depends high bandwidth solutions. From business parks and university campuses, to hospitals and military bases, there is the requirement for adaptable, robust infrastructures – the kind that can easily be achieved using Emtelle’s range of in building products and solutions.

Key Products
Customer Connection Point (CCP)
• Compact, wall-mounted, multi-functional closure
• Final part of the fibre-to-the-home solution
• Accepts microducts of between 3mm and 8 mm in diameter
• Fibre outlets are either two SC connectors or two duplex (double) LC connectors
• Fibres can be spliced either mechanically or by fusion
• Includes endplates to suit different microduct sizes, screws and fasteners
• Attractive slim design
• Multi functionality
• Cost effective solution
• Ease of installation
• IP 54 rated

Low Fire Hazard (LFH)
• Excellent performance in fire scenario,
• Surrounded with a sheath of LFH material suitable for indoor fire regulation use
• Low friction performance and suitable for fibre blowing
• Manufactured to meet Industry Standards IEC 60332-3 and 60332-1
• Low flammability
• Halogen free
• Low Smoke

Tube Bundle Connectivity - Internal
• In-building closures designed for branch flexibility
• Ports can accept a range of Low Fire Hazard bundles up to 19-way
• All parts made from flame retardant materials
• Allows individual microduct breakout / re-routing
• Bend radius managers prevent microducts being bent beyond minimum radii
• Retro-fitting to intercept existing part populated tube bundle possible
• external / internal interface interstitial gas blocking possible
• Ports identifiable via recessed name plate
• IP 54 rated

MDU Customer Lead In Point
• Designed to be fixed directly to the corridor wall
• Provides a method of secure connection between the corridor of MDU and the in-house network
• Can be readily fixed to walls
• Can Accommodate b-shape product, 3mm and 5 mm microduct
• Transition point between the MDU corridor into the customer premises
• Easy to use and install

Microcable FU
• Compatible with industry-standard blowing equipment
• Ease of handling and durability
• Optimised for blowing
• Proven in many projects worldwide
• Colours: Available in blue, orange, green, red, grey, yellow, brown, violet, black, aqua, pink and white
• From 2 fibre to 12 fibre

Fibre Connectivity
• Designed to connect the incoming network and outgoing in-building network via optical splitters in an in building or Fibre-to-the-home FTTH network at the 19” rack in the MDF room

Access Chambers
• Preformed access chambers
• Offers fast tract construction methods
• Single site visit
• No need for concrete backfill
• Stakkabox & Stakkabox QUAD (B125 rated)
• Stakkabox Fortress
• Wedge boxes

Covers & Frames
· Ductile Iron Cover and Frames.
· Suitable for use in footpaths, car parks, grass verges, and areas with slow moving traffic including HGV's.
· Cover and frames are certified to the European Standard Class B125 of BS-EN124 and Kitemarked.
· Bespoke badging available on request.

MDU – Building Entry products
· Access to building with reduced disruption
· Easy to use
· Allows for individual and multiple entry points
Tube bundle with 7,12, 19 or 24 X 4/2.1mm Microducts
• 1, 2, 3 or 4 Fibres Pre-Installed into each Microduct (2d, A1 & A2 Fibre)
• Emtelle can partially fi ll or fully fi ll the tube bundle with fi bres
• 500M or 800M supply lengths
• No blowing required, only Pull & Push
• Still has a dedicated pathway to each home
• Easy to repair, upgrade and connect

Pre-connectorised microduct system
A duct that can be installed underground (direct buried and
ducted), along walls or even overhead, including wifi antennas
• Fibre pre-installed can be connectorised at one end or both ends
• SC and LC APC connector options available
• No blowing or fibre splicing required for the customer drop
• Extremely small storage area for excess fibre
• Reduced skill set & training required for the install
• Massively reduced capex for installation equipment
• Cost (and space) effective compared to similar products in the market
Incredibly flexible retractable duct system in which fibre can be accessed at any point along its length
• 4-8 times more fibre drops can be made from an existing 32mm, or 1¼ HDPE duct compared to traditional cables
• Fibre tubes (within the RTRYVA) can vary from 2-12 fibres per tube
• A mix of fibre counts is available for your specific requirements
• High speed installation and connectivity with no specialist training
• No blowing equipment required
• GRP strength members to offer additional strength and longevity
• A simple to install drop closure to the home (4 drops per closure)
• Drop tubes can have pre-installed draw string to aid fibre installation to the home
• Massively reduced capex for installation equipment
• Cost (and space) effective compared to similar products in the market
Ultra-thin microcable with up to 12 fibres set in an encapsulating layer providing excellent dimensional and thermal stability
• Designed to be installed by blowing, pulling or pushing
• Low weight
• Small diameter
• All dielectric design
• Ultra low friction sheath
• Thermoplastic layer to give high protection
• Fibres are dry, no gel used.
DNU Hospital
FibreFlow Blown Fibre
“The New University Hospital” – commonly known as “DNU” which when completed in 2019 will treat approximately 1 million patients annually.
Blown Fibre Network
Spring Creek Towers
New York, USA
A cost-saving, blown fibre optic network (FON) for Spring Creek Towers – a modern residential community in New York City.
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