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Optimised Traffic Management for Highway


Solutions for Optimised Traffic Management for Highway

Modern road networks have become extremely busy – with more and more vehicles on the road each year.

With the sheer volume of traffic, combined with the need for on-going road maintenance and incident management, there is a necessity for optimised traffic management for highway.

These systems include incident detection, CCTV, emergency call boxes, variable message signs (VMS), vehicle detection, toll collection and meteorology data stations – these are the building blocks of a highway optimised traffic management system. These systems rely heavily on high speed, reliable networks to connect to the command centre. They also need to be easily extended or maintained and repaired.

Emtelle’s range of FibreFlow blown fibre solutions offer the perfect solution for the type of reliable, high-speed network required for optimised traffic management for highway.

Key Products
PVC Duct
• 53.9mm / 96.5mm / 110mm
• Colours: Orange, green, grey, dark grey, white & purple
• Manufactured from virgin PVC-U polymer
• 100% reliable performance
• Duct systems are manufactured to Industry Standard BSEN 61386

PE Coils Highway
• Manufactured to industry standard BS61386
• Compression class of 450N

Ancillary Products
• Duct Spacers (4 way and 8 way)
• Emtelle Motorway Communications Duct Seal
• Rope (Blue 5kn)
• Rope (Orange 8kn)
• Marker Tape
• Duct Lubricant
• Cleaning Brushes and Proving Mandrels
• Rope Blowing Guns

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