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Webb Dock, Australia

Victoria International Container Terminal

Emtelle supply a fibre network solution to Victoria International Container Terminal at Webb Dock, Victoria.

Project Background

As Australia’s largest container and general cargo port, that handles more than 1million 20ft unit containers per year, it’s essential that the Port of Melbourne has a high speed, reliable connection. The automated container carriers in Webb Dock rely on being constantly connected in order to safely transport cargo from waiting vessels, and to sort and stack shipping containers before finally loading delivery trucks. To achieve this high-quality fibre optic network to transmit the highly sensitive, mission-critical date, Emtelle Fibreflow solution was the obvious choice.

Benefits of Blown Fibre

VICT chose to use air blown fibre as it offers multiple advantages compared to other traditional technologies. Blown fibre largely eliminates the amount of digging required meaning modifications and maintenance can be carried out quicker and more efficiently without affecting any uptime. Installing an air blown fibre network allows for ease of future upgrades with minimal disruption to the operation of the dock with more than required ABF tubes being installed. In this instance, a ring network was installed around the dock allowing fibre to be blown anywhere in the microduct network.

Early Customer Engagement

Initiating discussions with the customer, Nilsen, very early in the project cycle allowed Emtelle to engage with them during the design/tender phase made it easier to optimise a design specific to the end user requirement.

This was critical from day one of this turnkey project as it enabled Emtelle to show the full benefit of an Air Blown Fibre system would bring to the customer’s network.  Emtelle aided the design, created a full itemised BOM, and undertook training for the solution. This created a value that other suppliers weren’t offering, and therefore secured an entire Emtelle solution order, from the tube and fibre, to the closures, wall mount tube management boxes, fibre patch panels, pigtails and fibre patch cords.

“Being engaged so early on in the Webb Dock project with all of the stake holders allowed us to create a much better value proposition and highlight that the ABF solution could be and was used for many various systems around the site, including security, cameras, ICT systems and the robotic ship-to-shore (STS) cranes.”

Graham Morris, Emtelle

The Complete Solution

Not only does the leading manufacturer of blown fibre and ducted network solutions, provide high-quality products, Emtelle provides full solutions. The company prides themselves on their customer service and training programmes that they are widely recognised for. Emtelle have a variety of manuals, training programmes, field support engineers that support and ease all fibre deployment projects. This is exactly what made this particular project a success.

“From network design, through to training, installation instructions and best practices, Emtelle have provided a complete solution.  Working so close with Emtelle on this project, from design to completion has embodied our relationship, we look forward to working with Emtelle and anticipate taking Emtelle’s ABF solution into other suitable projects in and around Australia.”

Brian Corrigan, Nilsen

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