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PON FTTh, Leonie Hill, Singapore


FibreFlow used in PON FTTh, Leonie Hill, Singapore

Leonie Hill is a 21 story high building of high-end condominiums in Singapore. Each of the 84 apartments costs in the region of S$1 million. Representing Singapore’s first Passive Optical Infrastructure (PON) based Fibre-to-the-Home (FttH) network installation in a condominium building.

Connecting to the Singtel exchange via Singtel’s optical fibre network, the PON splitter, housed in the building’s Main Distribution Frame (MDF) room, direct fibre connections were run to each residence. It was this crucial last-drop that our fibreflowTM solution was employed.

Our 19-way low fire hazard sheathed (LFH(S)) product, MHT390E, makes up the basic backbone. Five of these backbone tube bundles were installed, providing 95 potential pathways – although only 84 of these were used (one for each apartment), facilitating extremely neat and easily traceable tube management within the complex.

Branches were located in the telecom riser on each floor, where one Y branch serves the 4 apartments on that particular storey. Primary tubes inserted into corrugated 20mm flexiduct were used for drops to individual residences. At each residence, a fibreflowTM 2-fibre unit was terminated in the Emtelle-supplied house termination box, with one fibre terminated into an SC adaptor, ready for patching to the Optical Network Unit (ONU).

FibreflowTM products are flexible and easy-to-use, making them the ideal solution for applications such as Leonie Hill condominium. In addition to being small, lightweight and robust microducts, which means they easily be run through the most intricate of architectures, our microducts facilitate the high installation speeds of blown fibre and benefit from the low fire hazard materials used – all vital for applications of this nature.

The Leonie Hill installation will supply 100Mb/sec to each residence providing triple play service – voice, Internet and video, including Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

The project is an excellent addition to the series of successful projects that we have completed in Singapore, including the provision of the optical network solution at Changi Airport’s Terminal 3.

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