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Hauff Technik Press Seals for use on Keadby Wind Farm

Hauff Technik Press Seals for use on Keadby Wind Farm

Hauff Technik Press Seals in use at Keadby Wind Farm to solve leaking water problem

Keadby Wind Farm IntroductionKeadby Wind Farm, situated west of Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire is owned by SSE Renewables and is Englands largest on-shore wind farm with a total of 34 turbines. Civil work was carried out by Balfour Beatty.SSE Renewables had problems with water constantly leaking into the basement of one of their sub-stations situated within the farm. The farm itself is built in low lying ground with a high water table.

This was a serious H&S risk as electrical cables were installed and the station was in use. They were constantly pumping out water and drying the building.

Kirkby Wind Farm ProblemWater was literally pouring into the basement through the PVC ducts which fed in the electrical cables.The PVC duct was Ø200mm C1, and each of the ducts had three cables installed, either Ø56mm or Ø58.8mm in size in trefoil configuration.

There were 8 PVC ducts with pre-installed cables, other ducts were empty and “bunged” which did not leak.

Kirkby Wind Farm  SSE Attempt As you can see from the photograph SSE attempted  to stop the leaking using a resin based system, this did not work, and water still leaked. These systems are not suitable for heavy electrical cables, due to the following:

  • Interstices (gaps between touching cables) cannot be filled effectively.
  • When cables touch the sides of the duct, the resin cannot be applied underneath effectively.
  • Resin based system have no residual strength and cannot support the weight of the cables.
Emtelle Hauff Technik Sealing System  SolutionThe resin based sealing system was removed and aHauff-Technik press seal was inserted into all of the ducts with pre-installed cables.

As soon as the seal was installed the water stopped leaking and the problem was solved.

Hauff Technic P-Cable Professional 2 The seal used was a P-Cable Proffesional 2 type, split version which is ideal for retro-fitting into ducts with pre-installed cables.These seals can be made bespoke to fit the duct and cable size required. They can withstand up to 5bar pressure, which equates to 50m head of water.Date of installation February 2014.


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