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Intelligent Transport Systems in Australia


Emtelle involved in 3 Intelligent Transport Systems in Australia

Emtelle has been involved in three Intelligent Transport Systems Australia, creating high-bandwidth systems designed to improve the monitoring and management of traffic flow whilst providing motorists with vital, real-time traffic information.

Using our FibreFlowTM blown fibre solution, we are able to install systems such as this with minimal initial disruption, which can be modified in the future with maximum ease, speed and cost efficiency.

These 3 projects were:

  • Perth Bunbury Highway (80km of direct bury product)
  • Gold Coast Highway (13km of direct install product)
  • Brisbane Gateway upgrade (46km of direct bury product)

These 3 Intelligent Transport Systems in Australia, as with all ITS projects, employed our FibreFlowTM blown fibre solution to detect traffic related incidents and congestion, and provide up-to-the-minute traffic information to road users.

These Intelligent Transport Systems in Australia are made up of various technologies including vehicle detection systems, CCTV, emergency ‘phones, and variable messaging signs. These combined technologies help optimise traffic flow and help minimise the risk of further accidents and congestion – enabling people to reach their destination safely and quickly whilst reducing emissions. Systems like this rely heavily on the reliable and high-speed transfer of information.

“These three ITS projects underline the numerous advantages of blown fibre over traditional technologies. Other methods involve opening trenches, installing ducts, backfilling soil, testing duct systems, placing cables and covering ducts. With FibreFlowTM, excavation, installation and backfill can be combined into one procedure, which cuts time and costs.”

Benefits to using blown fibre in the Intelligent Transport Systems in Australia

  • Little-to-no disruption to traffic flow during installation
  • Quicker and easier testing that is less prone to problems
  • Requires comparatively lightweight equipment and lower manpower requirements
  • Allows long blowing distances (up to 2km) so fewer slicing points are required
  • Overall installation requires less work and has fewer risks
  • Tube bundles can be installed without pre-installed fibre, eliminating costly, time consuming repairs associated with traditional systems
  • Initial fibre deployment is restricted to what is actually needed – fibre can be blown in (or out) at any time
  • Reduces fibre investment at start-up
  • Maximises revenue-to-investment ratio for future network modifications

“Another important benefit is that Emtelle can provide its customers with all the high-quality products, accessories and resources needed to design, construct and maintain a fibre-based high-bandwidth system.”

“This is a lot more convenient than having to shop around for parts, accelerates turnaround times, and ensures that the elements of a network are immediately compatible with each other—an important consideration in time-critical applications such as ITS.”

FibreFlowTM blown fibre technology shares many of the same characteristics of Intelligent Transport Systems – faster response times, superior management capability, increased flexibility, greater ease of use, and increased cost-effectiveness – making it the perfect solution ITS.

In addition to these 3 Intelligent Transport Systems in Australia, we have conducted similar ITS projects worldwide, including the M8 motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland – demonstrating our deepening involvement and commitment to such an important sector.

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