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Emtelle Supply Bespoke Press Sealing System to Iberdrola 275kV Windyhill Substation, Glasgow, Scotland

Windyhill Substation, Glasgow, Scotland

The purpose of this trial was to stop water leaking into the main substation building at Iberdrola Windyhill 275kV Substation, recently constructed by Balfour Beatty.

In this substation there are 40 Emtelle ducts carrying the cable which enter below ground level at the back of the building. These ducts had filled up with water (See sketch below) meaning the cables within the ducts had to be sealed effectively to prevent the ingress of water at the point of cable entry

Existing Sealing System

The cable basement was sealed using a mastic sealing system. In this case although this seal retained the majority of the water present in the cable duct, there was ingress of water into the cable basement. The bespoke Hauff Tecknik seal described in this case study was installed by Balfour Beatty with ease and the basement has shown no evidence of water ingress from that substation basement wall since their installation in May 2017 (exposed to varying weather conditions over the summer/autumn period).”


The solution was to remove the existing sealant and install a Hauff Technik bespoke seal. At first 2 seals were installed initially to try them out, before a full installation was carried out.

  • Bespoke press seals similar to the photo were manufactured to suit the Duct ID & Cable OD.
  • There were two sizes of Emtelle red Power Ducts; Ø200mm (188mm ID) & Ø110mm (103mm ID) each with a single cable of Ø97mm & Ø32mm respectively.
  • Seals used were:
    • HRD188-1 G-1/97
    • HRD103-1 G-1/32
The existing sealing system had to be removed to allow the Hauff seal to be inserted.
  • You can clearly see in the photograph water pouring from the duct after the resin had been removed.
  • Running water presents no issue, and the Hauff Technik seal which can be installed regardless.
  • It is not possible to do this with resin based sealing systems.
  • Prior to inserting the seals, ducts and cables were wiped clean.
  • Press seals are tightened once in place using a torque wrench set at the correct tension setting.
  • Every Hauff Press Seal has an optimum tension setting, detailed in the instructions included with every seal.
  • It also ensures that the seal is not over tightened.
  • The picture opposite shows both the small and large seals installed.
  • These were the first two seals installed to try them out.
  • They were installed September 2015, no leaking has been reported.


Below are photographs taken of the entry points once all the seals have been installed.

The pictures below show a dry substation floor, taken 6 months after the installation

The initial trial of two seals was back in September 2015. The full installation covering all 40 duct entry points took place May 2017 and to date no reported leaking has been noticed from inside the ducts.

Emtelle are the sole distributors of the Hauff Technik range of cable and duct sealing products. For more information please contact Emtelle Sales Department on +44 (0) 1450 364000

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