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Craley Group - RTRYVA System

Craley Group - RTRYVA System

Emtelle RTRYVA product supplied to Craley Group for use within a core fibre network in Northern Osana, Spain



Project Background

Located 69km from Barcelona, and 60km from Girona, Vic, the capital of the Osana district, has a relatively low population. The challenge that faced the region was how to cost-effectively implement broadband to the rural area of northern Osana as the area spanned across 16km but had a relatively small number of residential properties scattered across it. The local government authority had evaluated the use of traditional fibre broadband technologies to support the network, however it proved cost-prohibitive and was ruled out.

The Solution

Craley selected the Emtelle RTRYVA product for use in the system in conjunction with the Atlantis T Series product. The Atlantis Hydrotec T Series is a simple but cost-effective “pipe in a pipe” solution that uses the freshwater pipe system as the outer conduit for the fibre broadband network. The micro duct for the installation was specially manufactured for Craley by Emtelle using WRAS approved materials. This meant that by installing a micro-bore water pipe within the existing water supply infrastructure, with our fibre communications cable, there was no adverse effects on the water supply.

Emtelle RTRYVA, a strong subduct with loose tube fibre elements pre-installed for retraction, allows for simple installation of the fibre – pull fibre out and push in. The solution allowed Craley to effectively allow an FTTH deployment right in the heart of the Osana region without any disruption to the locals compared to the heavy machinery, noise, road closures and long roll-out timescales associated with traditional trenching techniques. Due to the various benefits of the RTRYVA product such as reductions in installation techniques, it proved to be a successful low cost project for the Osana region.

‘By utilising an existing water pipe infrastructure we have been able to dramatically reduce the costs, upheaval and timescales of a project of this kind, which involved particularly variable terrain. The Emtelle RTRYVA perfectly fitted our technical requirements and allowed us to use the micro duct with pre-installed fibre units, to save additional time and cost in blowing in fibre at a later stage. We were very pleased with the performance using the RTRYVA product and we achieved some remarkable installation speeds, with up to an equivalent of 3,000 metres per day, and have demonstrated that 1,000 to 2,000 metres per day as an average is easily possible. We will also shortly be installing of links from the core network out to individual properties. This will include fibre connections to homes, farms and smallholdings, some of which are up to 1,500m away from the core network, and we shall be using the Emtelle products for this aspect as well.’

Mike Parker, CTO, Craley Group

‘Emtelle are excited to see our Fibreflow brand of products being used in such an innovative system and we are extremely impressed with the way this solution is deployed. We look forward to working with Craley Group and supplying products for the Atlantis Hydrotec system for many years to come’

Colin Kirkpatrick, UK & Business Development Manager, Emtelle UK Ltd

To see how simple an installation RTRYVA is watch this short video:


For more information on RTRYVA, please contact:

Scott Modha
UK Sales Manager – Highways & International Business Development
Tel: 0208 460 8087
Mobile: 07896 499 322


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