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Blown Fibre Network, Spring Creek Towers, New York, USA


Blown Fibre Network, Spring Creek Towers, New York, USA

A cost-saving, flexible fibre optic network (FON) for Spring Creek Towers – a modern residential community in New York City – developed using Emtelle’s FibreFlowTM blown fibre solution.

Modern day residential complexes, such as Spring Creek Towers in New York City, require sophisticated high-speed networks for a wide range of uses, including multiple-line telephony, movie-on-demand services, HDTV, home security systems, and high speed Internet access applications such as gaming and movie downloads.

  • Supplying all this capability to numerous high-rise buildings accommodating thousands of people involves immense amounts of reliable, high-speed data traffic. With almost limitless bandwidth, blown fibre optic networks (FON) offer this flexibility and reliability, allowing for future development, growth and maintenance.
  • Blown fibre was chosen for a number of reasons:
  • Lower initial capital expenses
  • Reduced long term operating expenses
  • Reduced installation times
  • Quicker modifications
  • Lower staff requirement
  • Improved logistics
  • Less disruption to the network, consumers, traffic and pedestrians
  • Maximises return on investment
  • Increases the appeal and marketability of residences and the community as a whole

A multiple dwelling unit FON such as the one installed in Spring Creek Towers contains passive component innovations, including pre-terminated fibre, riser brand boxes, customer connection points, tube management, and splitter boxers, for simpler installation and optimal performance.

As fibre installation distances for blown fibre are substantially higher than other techniques, not only is the installation speed is accelerated but the elimination of splicing inside and outside reduces the workload.

FONs in communities are becoming an increasingly large market segment for broadband services. Projects like Spring Creek Towers offers a unique set of challenges, including building size, architecture, building owner requirements, consumer requirements, and developers plans for the future. At Emtelle, we have a wide range of FON solutions that can be adapted to meet these specific requirements, and are ideally placed to meet the needs of small, media and large scale hosing developments. With our knowledge, experience, product range and technical ability, network investors can have complete faith in Emtelle as a partner and supplier when designing, developing and deploying their networks.

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