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Blown Fibre in Ports


Emtelle supplies FibreFlow blown fibre in ports

When the ports of Hueneme, Long Beach, Oakland and San Diego had the requirement for a quick, secure and reliable transmission of highly sensitive, mission-critical data, they chose the Emtelle FibreFlowTM blown fibre solution.

The fibre optic networks (FONs) installed in these 4 ports not only had to meet the speed and security requirements of the port authorities, but also had to protect against interference, comply with Green Port Policy (a comprehensive and coordinated approach with the aim of reducing the negative impacts of port operations). Emtelle’s FibreFlowTM blown fibre technology was the obvious choice.


Cable being laid in a portBlown fibre offers multiple advantages to other, traditional technologies. Specifically, for port-related applications, blown fibre offers two very specific and important benefits:

The port requires a constant high-speed network, even during periods of network maintenance, modification or expansion. As blown fibre largely eliminates the amount of digging required, modifications and maintenance can be carried out far more quickly and efficiently, without affecting uptime and unnecessary intrusion or disruption.
In addition, it is critical in a port that the vehicular traffic network remains uninterrupted. Blown fibre solutions facilitates the completion of network tasks quickly and with little to no disruption to traffic flow, also ensuring maintenance technicians are exposed to minimal danger.

Cables of various strand counts were installed at the 4 ports, including redundant duct. Higher-count cables supporting 10 Gigabit Ethernet connect the hubs through the backbone, with larger than usual cables connecting stakeholders and security applications to that backbone, providing flexibility for the addition of future security requirements. The redundant ducts provide the ports with the option to expand in the future, without needing to take existing fibre off-line, avoiding network downtime.

These 4 FONs are extensive – connecting numerous piers to the port’s security centers and to numerous other sites. The network’s hardware and software establish a redundant and self-healing network over the primary rings.

Minimal disruption during installationMoving forward, as these 4 ports expand and other ports establish networks in preparation for increasingly demanding futures, blown fibre will progressively become the solution of choice for port authorities. Blown fibre reduces initial capital and ongoing operating expenses, lowers overall costs, and allows more measured investment practices where investment in to the network is only required when needed. Blown fibre also offers industry-leading flexibility in terms of network maintenance, modification and expansion.

At Emtelle, we have an unmatched track record in the ability to provide all network components, accessories, installation equipment and training.

Blown Fibre Network
Spring Creek Towers
New York, USA
A cost-saving, blown fibre optic network (FON) for Spring Creek Towers – a modern residential community in New York City.
Microduct installation
Emtelle provided thousands of kilometres of its FibreFlow™ Microduct solution to the transalpine Swiss Railway Gotthard Base Tunnel.
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