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Emtelle DNA

Engage. Listen. Innovate. Deliver.

The Emtelle DNA

Our core values, philosophy, approach to business and how we build customer relationships define who we are as a company.

We call this the “Emtelle DNA” – an ongoing commitment to ensuring we maintain outstanding levels of quality, that we are at the leading edge of the ducted network and blown fibre solutions sector, and that customer satisfaction never falls below our high expectations. In short, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

What is the Emtelle DNA?

  • We engage in open conversations with our customers to listen, discuss to develop our understanding of their needs.
  • Our innovation is born from understanding our customer’s needs and using our knowledge and expertise to solve their challenges.
  • We engage with and commit ourselves fully to our customers and build their confidence by delivering on our promises with creative, innovative and practical blown fibre solutions.
  • Emtelle ducted networks are flexible, responsive and adaptable.

Our mission statement:

“We will create value and make a difference everywhere we engage with customers by listening, understanding, innovating and adapting.”

DNU Hospital
FibreFlow Blown Fibre
“The New University Hospital” – commonly known as “DNU” which when completed in 2019 will treat approximately 1 million patients annually.
FibreFlow Installation
Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand
Emtelle's FibreFlow solution chosen for EA Network's ambitious AUS$70 million plus development of a high-speed fibre optic network in New Zealand.
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