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Emtelle Acquires Moore GmbH to Consolidate European Leadership

Agreement Forms Part of 30 Million Euro Investment

Scotland-based Emtelle, a leading global manufacturer of blown fibre and ducted network solutions for the telecommunications industry, has today announced the acquisition of Moore GmbH. The combined business will ensure Emtelle can meet the fast-growing, worldwide demand for blown fibre, driven largely by the huge growth in Internet usage, including the Internet-of-Things.

The acquisition is part of a major €30 million investment by Emtelle in its manufacturing plants across Europe. It will enhance the overall capacity of the group and secure supply to a rapidly expanding client base in continental Europe. It gives Emtelle three central hubs – in the UK, Scandinavia and Germany – allowing rapid access to customers in these countries as well as in France and Benelux. Customers will benefit from the merged expertise and skillsets through improved service and support.

Moore GmbH is a German manufacturer of microducts and HDPE ducts for the telecoms and renewable markets. The company has been manufacturing HDPE conduits for over 15 years, and serves markets throughout Europe. Following the acquisition, Moore will immediately be renamed Emtelle GmbH. The facility will be closed for a short period to introduce new machinery and new technology, and to broaden the product range and capacity to be more in line with the requirements of the German market. Emtelle anticipates that the new investment will allow it to quadruple capacity in Germany by the end of 2018.

Training will be given to approximately 30 existing employees to enable them to operate, enhance and maintain these new extrusion lines, which will manufacture ducts, microducts and sheathed tube bundles. The addition of the former Moore staff will increase the number of Emtelle employees to around 455 globally.

The acquisition will enhance Emtelle’s manufacturing facilities as well as its ability to support customers worldwide, underpinning the company’s existing global market coverage. With two sites in the UK – in Jedburgh and Hawick in Scotland – as well as in Scandinavia and now Germany, Emtelle is well-placed to serve over 50 markets across the world. The acquisition will both strengthen its presence in mainland Europe and underpin its position as the industry leading supplier of blown fibre and ducted networks to the telecoms, power, rail, highway and industrial sectors. Emtelle has already started investing in additional capability and capacity for the facility in Germany.

Mads Høgfeldt, Group CEO, Emtelle, said, “There is a natural synergy between our skillsets and product lines and this deal will benefit our clients. The addition of manufacturing capability in the centre of the largest country in western Europe is a complementary expansion of our core Scandinavian and UK manufacturing capabilities. This acquisition will ensure better and more local customer service to our rapidly developing customer base. As a combined group, we will be able to supply the increasing global demands for fibre by adding a full manufacturing facility to our current sales team in Germany, substantially increasing our presence in a market which offers the largest FTTP potential in Europe.”

He added, “The addition of skilled staff from Moore GmbH means we will be able to support our many customers throughout Europe even more efficiently. Emtelle will bring to the deal world class manufacturing methods and processes, and its technology will further enhance the efforts and dedication of the local and loyal workforce.”

“The fibre market, including FTTX and FTTH, is vitally important to current and future businesses and households worldwide, and with over 35 years’ experience we are extremely well-positioned to offer the best possible solutions. The acquisition reflects our ambitions to grow and increase the range and flexibility of our offering and to drive improvements to our already excellent customer service day by day.”

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