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Emtelle History


Emtelle History – The Timeline

Emtelle history – The 1980s

1980 – Emtelle is founded in Jedburgh, Scotland
1981 – Emtelle supplies uPVC primary duct systems to GPO (now known as BT)
1985 – Emtelle supplies uPVC primary duct systems for Mercury Communications¹

Emtelle history – The 1990s

1992 – Emtelle commences manufacture of  uPVC multi-ducts
1992 -Emtelle wins a contract from BT to supply newly developed blown fibre tubing, a key moment in Emtelle history
1998 – Emtelle commences manufacture of underground drainage products
1998 – Emtelle commences manufacture of PowerProtect+ uPVC power cable ducts
1999 – A major milestone in Emtelle history – the company opens an additional manufacturing facility in Hawick on the Scottish Borders
1999 – Emtelle commences manufacture of HPDE sub ducts for UK and European Telco builds

Emtelle history – The 2000s

2001 – Emtelle commences manufacture of fibre bundles for use in Fibreflow blown fibre systems
2002 – Emtelle commences supply of uPVC & HDPE power cable duct systems to ESB
2003 – Emtelle commences supply of Fibreflow blown fibre solutions to first FTTh builds in Holland
2007 – Emtelle acquires Dantex², enabling Emtelle to expand into Denmark and surrounding Scandinavian territories
2009 – Emtelle commences manufacture of fibre cables

Emtelle history – The 2010s

2010 – Emtelle acquires Parixit Industries³
2013 – Emtelle achieves sole supplies status with BT for all duct, sub duct and blow fibre tubing solutions
2015 – Emtelle investing €10 million in capital expenditure to increase capacity and capabilities of European manufacturing plants
2017 – Emtelle acquires Moore GmbH, Germany

¹ Mercury Communications was the 2nd operator in the UK when the telecommunications market was privatised. Cable & Wireless merged with Mercury Communications in 1996, and was subsequently acquired by Vodafone in 2012. Vodafone remains an Emtelle customer today.

² Dantex is the leading supplier of HDPE multi-duct systems in Scandanvia. As a result of the merger between Emtelle and Dantex, the company is directly or indirectly present in all important FTTx markets worldwide. This is another key moment in Emtelle history.

³ Parixit Industries is a leading India based manufacturer of water management systems and involved in the execution of water related industrial projects. The acquisition allows Emtelle to manufacture and market a range of irrigation systems, PE pressure pipes and ducted network solutions for telecom, power and infrastructure in India and worldwide.

Blown Fibre Network
Spring Creek Towers
New York, USA
A cost-saving, blown fibre optic network (FON) for Spring Creek Towers – a modern residential community in New York City.
FibreFlow Installation
Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand
Emtelle's FibreFlow solution chosen for EA Network's ambitious AUS$70 million plus development of a high-speed fibre optic network in New Zealand.
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