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Emtelle Environmental Responsibility


Our commitment to the environment

At Emtelle, we are committed to creating innovative products and serving our customers in the best possible way. Emtelle environmental responsibility is applied using the same level of commitment. As a global company, we appreciate that we must look after our planet. We work tirelessly to reduce our impact on climate change by researching into new, more environmentally friendly materials, reducing our waste, sustaining resources and operating as a fair employer and partner. This is essentially the Emtelle environmental responsibility policy, which we call the Emtelle Sustainability Plan.

Emtelle Sustainability Plan (the Emtelle environmental responsibility policy)

This plan based around 4 key objectives:

  1. Reduce emissions
  2. Improve resource sustainability
  3. War on waste
  4. Become a fair employer and partner

Reduce Emissions

It is our responsibility as a global organisation to take whatever action we can to reduce our emissions and develop new methods to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2012, our emissions were 0.26 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of product. In 2013, that dropped to 0.21 tonnes. Our target for 2016 is 0.19 tonnes.

Read how we plan to reduce emissions (PDF)

Improve Resource Sustainability

We understand the importance of sourcing sustainable raw materials for the production of our products. We are committed to developing products that are manufactured using sustainable materials wherever possible – and in the event that this is not possible; the use of unsustainable materials will be efficiently managed and kept to an absolute minimum.

Read how we plan to improve sustainability (PDF)

War on Waste

We take waste reduction and recycling extremely seriously. At every stage of production, we invest in ways of reducing waste, recycling and conserving resources. We constantly assess our entire operation from our offices to our subcontractors in order to find new solutions to reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Read about how we plan to reduce waste (PDF)

Become a Fair Employer and Partner

Our environmental responsibility extends beyond conserving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. At Emtelle, we believe people are at the heart of everything we do. We believe in ethics, fair trade, and in forging strong, healthy relationships with our suppliers and the local community.

Code of Conduct – we operate to, and continually develop a code of conduct that promotes industry-leading ethics throughout the company that is reflected in everything we do.

Read about how Emtelle is a fair employer and partner (PDF)

Modern Slavery Policy 2018 (PDF)

ISO Certifications

Emtelle have been awarded with various ISO certifications. See our certificates here:

ISO 50001 (PDF)

ISO 9001 (PDF)

ISO 14001 (PDF)

OHSAS 18001 (PDF)

FibreFlow Installation
Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand
Emtelle's FibreFlow solution chosen for EA Network's ambitious AUS$70 million plus development of a high-speed fibre optic network in New Zealand.
FibreFlow Blown Fibre
Leonie Hill, Singapore
Emtelle FibreFlow blown fibre solution used in last drop connection PON FTTh, Leonie Hill, Singapore.
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