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Intelligent Transport System (ITS) A1M


Emtelle’s ITS Ducting system used on A1M

Installed by ERH Communications, Emtelle’s Intelligent Transport System (ITS) A1M was used on a 2 way 23km stretch of the A1M between Hatfield and Stevenage, in England.

Emtelle PVC Duct System for ITSOur PVC duct system provides several benefits over alternative systems including quick and simple installation, reduced installation times, lower on-going maintenance costs, and reduced interruption to traffic. These benefits were demonstrated on the 23km A1M Hatfield to Stevenage route.

For this project, we manufactured bespoke, smooth-wall, purple 110mm OD duct with a 103mm ID duct, with an interference fit integral ring seal socket. In addition to the integral ring-seal joint, the socket is longer and tapers down, meaning the spigot and socket meet. This makes for an extremely robust joint, and allows the duct to be more flexible without comprimising its seal. Unlike traditional twin wall systems where multiple parts are required, our ducting system is fully integrated – installation is as simple as pushing the lubricated spigot into the socket. The seal passes the air-test easily, and is full BBA approved.

“I would like to thank you firstly for your support all through the project and secondly for a fantastic product. I was very skeptical at first about using your 110mm duct products (Ringseal duct & Opticom product (subducted duct)) and envisaged us experiencing a lot of problems as far as flexibility and workability in some of the more awkward parts of the scheme. This was not the case and it proved to be as good if not better than some of the twin wall products we have used in the past.”

“ERH as a company going forward would have no issue in recommending these products to future clients and would definitely look at these as some of our preferred materials for our ducting works due to the ease of use, competitive cost, strength and minimal wastage. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.”

Peter Claridge, Senior Project Manager, ERH Communications Ltd.

In addition, our system is approved to be used with alternative backfill, rather than exensive peak gravel. This allows for a more cost effective backfill (such as sand) to be used. The increased rigidity of our system means less spacers can be used – further reducing costs. When joined together in multiple lengths, the duct is still flexible enough to install around obstacles.

Key Features

  • Fully BBA certified
  • Integral ring seal socket
  • Available in various colours for different applications
  • Compatible with industry standard apparatus
  • Quick and simple installation

Key Benefits

  • Reduced installation time and costs
  • Reduced open trench, traffic management & logistics
  • Low wastage meaning reduced landfill
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Lower on-going maintenance costs
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