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Emtelle Completes Powerprotect+ Data Centre Portfolio with Launch of New End-to-End Solution

Protection for Data Centres where they Need it Most

Emtelle, a leading provider of blown fibre and ducted network solutions for the telecoms industry, today announced a new addition to its PowerProtect+ range, completing its data centre portfolio and further reducing the risk of costly damage to areas where cables transition from an external to internal network.

Fibreflow Invictus – which was recently chosen as the new standard duct between manholes and the intake areas of a range of data centres in EMEA – features an IP57 watertight seal to create a dedicated pathway for each cable inside its own sub-duct, protecting it from water and dirt ingress.

When it is combined with Emtelle’s PowerProtect+ it creates a dedicated pathway for communications and power cables. These pathways have exceptional heat resistance, withstanding temperatures as high as 75 degrees centigrade when exposed to heavy loads.

“Traditional ducting without any seals is frequently subjected to ingress from water and dirt but Fibreflow Invictus changes this, protecting data centres at their most vulnerable point,” said Mark Graham, Technical Engineer at Emtelle. “The full PowerProtect+ range is built on the philosophy of reducing costly cable damage through quick and easy installation, with minimal training and tools. Fibreflow Invictus adds to this, allowing us to offer a full end-to-end data centre solution for the first time.”

Fibreflow Invictus has been developed for use in datacentres worldwide. Through its rugged design and PVC construction, the Fibreflow Invictus duct is strong enough to withstand the most common causes of damage faced in cable installations. Each individual sub-duct is colour-coded to ensure installation takes place inside the correct pathway, while spare sub-ducts and the outer housing of the Fibreflow Invictus duct can also be sealed at any presentation points, ensuring a clean and clear pathway for future cable installation.

With more than 30 years’ experience within the FTTx industry, Emtelle has a manufacturing footprint in Scotland, Denmark and Germany and its products are used in data centres worldwide, including in the UK, Holland and Scandinavia.

The PowerProtect+ range features a unique and innovative InterferenceRing Seal which was designed for easy power cable placement allowing a smooth and safe cable passage. The inner ducts are manufactured in four different colours, ensuring that every duct is attached to the correct sub-duct, enabling smooth and efficient installations. This also allows swift identification between the various types of use for ducts, including fttx, low voltage, medium voltage, CCTV security lighting and fibre.

For more information, read our brochure on PowerProtect+ for Datacentres here

See our European Business Development Director, Colin Kirkpatrick, announce the news and explain the solution in more detail by watching the video below

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400kV cable replacement programme
Ross-on-Wye, England
Emtelle 250mm uPVC class 1 ducts chosen for the Ross-on-Wye 400kV cable replacement programme.
White Rose Bridge Crossing
Doncaster, England
Emtelle Power Protect+ HV Cable ducts chosen to carry 132kV, 33kV, 11kV, pilot and telecomm cables across the new White Rose Bridge Crossing, Doncaster
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