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235 people already work for Emtelle in our sites in Jedburgh and Hawick. Why not consider a job with Emtelle? All of our staff enjoy excellent working conditions, competitive salaries, extensive training opportunities and the use of state of the art equipment.

Our aim is to promote good employment practice. This will be achieved by encouraging staff to maximise their potential and to deliver quality services in the most efficient manner, through investment in training and development and the provision of employee benefits.

If you are interested in a position at Emtelle, please contact our HR Manager, Phil Groom at or telephone +44(0)7912327870 Emtelle Application Form. You can either email the completed form to Phil Groom, or post it to:

Phil Groom
Emtelle UK Limited
Hawick TD9 8LF

Gender Pay Reporting

In accordance with our obligations we report the following statistics in relation to Gender Pay based on our snapshot date of  05/04/2017

Mean Gender Pay Gap in Hourly Pay

Mean Female Hourly Pay is £1.46 greater than Mean Male Hourly Pay , therefore a positive Mean Gender Pay Gap for Females of 12%

Median Gender Pay Gap in Hourly Pay

There is  0% difference in Median Hourly Pay for Female versus Male Employees

Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap

Female Employees Mean Bonus Pay is 0.6% greater than Male Employees Mean Bonus Pay

Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap

Female Employees Median Bonus Pay is 0.4% less than Male Employees Median Bonus Pay

Proportion of Males and Females receiving a bonus payment

96% of Females received a Bonus versus 91% of Males

Proportion of Males and Females in each pay quartile

  1. Upper Quartile = 90% Male and 10% Female
  2. Upper Middle Quartile = 83% Male and 17% Female
  3. Lower Middle Quartile = 99% Male and 1% Female
  4. Lower Quartile = 93% Male and 7% Female


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