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Emtelle welcomes new global standard for blown fibre.
IEC document defines products, procedures and performance guidelines

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has published the first global blown fibre standard, IEC 60794-5. The document includes, for example, definitions of blown fibre products and a test menu for customers. This important new standard both confirms the extent to which blown fibre has been accepted worldwide, and provides manufacturers, installers and customers with shared, authoritative guidelines.

IEC 60794-5 (“Microduct cabling for installation by blowing”) covers the outdoor products that Emtelle has been promoting, producing and installing for years. It addresses a wide range of issues, including optical fibres, microducts, optical fibre cables, microduct fibre unit cables, markings, installation & operating conditions, testing and quality assurance.

“Emtelle believes that IEC 60794-5 serves the best interests of the blown fibre market,” said Dave Stockton, Emtelle’s Technical Director.  “As an industry leader and influential member of FttH Councils worldwide, we have long and vigorously advocated the creation of such a standard.” Emtelle is confident that the document will enable those who manufacture, install and operate blown fibre technology to communicate with greater clarity, cooperate more efficiently, and design and install increasingly effective blown fibre systems.

The test methods referenced in the document are taken from the internationally recognized standard IEC 60794-1-2, which is widely accepted in the fibre optic cable industry. “Emtelle supports these test methods fully,” Mr. Stockton said. “In fact, we have been using and quoting them since long before IEC 60794-5 was drafted.”  Currently in draft form, another two standards (IEC 60794-5-10 and 60794-5-20) will detail the acceptance criteria for the testing of minicables and fibre unit systems. It is envisaged that these standards will be finalised 2007-2008.


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