PE Duct & Sub Duct Systems


These ducts may also be supplied complete with microducts inside, in any configuration that is feasible. Such 'Loose Protected Microducts' offer a convenient way to provide empty microduct routes at the same time as installing subduct, and there is a wider choice of the microduct content than is available from the Fibreflow 'tight' range.

These systems provide a flexible duct in continuous lengths up to 3000m to allow easy, safe and rapid placement of cable in main trunks and customer drop applications alike. Product is available on drums or in coils. A full range of connectors, termination and cable placement ancilliary products are available.







is an excellent material for ducting, having many desirable characteristics:

  • Strong, flexible and impact resistant yet lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to work with
  • Flexible, even at temperatures well below zero 
  • Long life resistance to fatigue (PE replaces Victorian cast iron piping)
  • Resistant to many common liquids and chemicals
  • Immune to most corrosion or fungal contamination


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